My Maverick Project

Day One
Heating & Ventilation Repair
Small Parts
Gas Tank Swap
Small Rear Bumper Swap
Floor Pan Repair
Interior Upgrade
Battery Tray
Front Bumper Slide
Disc Brake Swap
Body Work
Transmission Swap
Small Projects
Transmission Cooler
Small Front Bumper Swap
Fender Notch
Tail Light Bezel
Sport Mirrors
Electric Trunk Release
Sound Proofing
Grabber Hood Repair
Bead Blasting Body
Door Panels
Rear Disc and Springs
Export Brace
Cylinder Head
Whiteface Gauges
Hood Support Mod
Sport Mirror Repair
T5 Swap
Sport Wheel Refinishing
Wheel Opening Molding
Fuse Box Buss Bar
Air Conditioning
Courtesy Lights





Maverick Repair

Exploded Views
Clutch & Trans
Rear Axle
Chassis Electrical
Engine Electrical
Emission System
Engine Repair
Vacuum Diagrams
Fuel System
Comet Part Numbers
Headliner Bows

Mavericks in Junkyards

1974 Owner's Manual

Maverick Friends

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MCG Gathering 2012

Jimmy's Racecar

Maggie the Gearhead Dog

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Maverick Video

Dixie Maverick (15.2 MB)
'74 Sales Training Video

A friend and I went in together buying this Maverick intending to use some of the parts to fix his Stallion and then we were going to part out the rest. We both knew this plan changed the moment we first saw it. We were expecting a parts car for $250...not a driver. About a week or two of thinking about it, I offered to buy his part of the deal and have my own project.

After pushing it off the trailer we poured some gas in the tank and made an effort to start it up. This would be the first time the engine ran after sitting for over a year. After priming the carburetor the engine turned but did not run. After setting the points from .25 to .025 we did get it to spit and sputter for a second or two. Poured more gas down the carburetor and got it to run for a few seconds. We pulled the fuel line and notice no gas was being pumped from the fuel pump. Replaced the fuel pump and primed the carburetor again and then hit the key and the engine came back to life before you have the chance to get your hand off the key. The car itself- I noticed a few missing or broken parts here and there but overall nothing too serious (yet). With the help of some new friends over on to answer a question or throw a part or two my way this is going to be a fun rolling project.