I removed all the BS from the air cleaner, bead blasted and gave it a fresh coat of paint. Frank gave me a Duraspark distributor and module. New spark plugs, cap and wires were bought. I painted engine Corporate Blue and the brackets, pulleys and fan were painted black. The fuel line, throttle linkage and vacuum port was painted cast aluminum. To half way clean the inside the engine I adding a quart of ATF and let it run for about 30 minutes. I didn't want to break all the sludge loose at one time and clog the oil pump screen. The next day I removed the oil pan to bead blast and paint. I notice the date on the oil pan 10/3/73...The car was built on 11/1/73. The 6 cyl fan shroud I got from the junkyard cleaned up good with a worn out green scrub pad and new decals were purchase for the shroud and air cleaner. Timing set was replaced with pre-emission gears. The reason being there's one tooth difference in the keyway that is about 7 degrees more advance valve timing and will give more performance and gas mileage. With the Duraspark distributor the ignition timing will be 5 extra initial degrees with a colder sparkplugs.

The light spring on the advance weights was replaced with a Mr. Gasket #925D spring along with bending the tab that the heavy spring is attached inward 3/32". This allows mechanical timing to come in at a much lower rpm. This also adds extra performance and gas mileage.

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