Small Projects

Here are a few pictures of some of the small projects that I have done.

I removed all the BS under the hood including the vacuum operated duct valve, The Transmission Regulated Spark Control System, Coolant Spark Control, Cold Temperature Activated Vacuum System, EGR valve.

The timing chain and gears was replaced with pre-emission timing gear for more aggressive valve timing and low end torque.

The worn rear shocks were replaced with KYB GR2 along with new axle bearings and seals. I replaced the U-joints at this time also.

I replaced front coil springs with heavy duty Moog 8304 after I cut two coils and KYB GR2 shocks are now on all 4 corners.

Replacing the wiper motor wasn't as hard as I was lead to believe. After removing 3 bolts and a clip the old motor was in the scrap pile. I did remove the instrument cluster and package tray to get better assess.

I bead blasted and painted the smaller '71 Fuel Vapor Canister I got from a parts car to replace the larger '74 Canister.

I found a filler neck to trunk pan seal at the Junkyard that wasn't torn but it was painted along with the rest of the car. WD40 and GoJo got it looking new again.

The turn signal switch was replaced with an aftermarket switch. The wire going to the shift selector light was not included with the new switch. I opened up the plug connector to gain access to remove the locking pin to remove the needed wire from the old switch.

I'm using a choke stove from the HELP section to repair the automatic choke.

I helped a friend replace his gear in his '73 LDO from a 3.00 to a 3.55. After we were done and looking at the gear laying on the floor, I decided the 3.00 would be better than the 2.79 gear I have now. To my surprise this made more difference than I was expecting. The car feels lighter on it's feet and mpg didn't suffer. I'm guessing with the extra ratio the engine isn't working as hard to pull its own weight getting to and maintaining cruising speed.

The dual horns from a '95 Crown Vic replaced the old original mono horn.

Rear window defogger was installed and waiting for a switch and control panel to be found.

The foot well courtesy lights came from a early 80's F150

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