Headliner Bows

When I got my Maverick it didn't have a real headliner. Instead it had a light weight carpet or blanket glued to the roof. I think a bow type headliner is what makes a classic car and this is something that I will be changed back to look original sometimes in the future. I learned from replacing the headliner in my Falcon that the bows are color coded from the factory and not following this code the headliner will not fit correctly. If this is not complicated enough to figure out without a clue what color bow goes where they are also two sets of holes to choose from to put the bow in the correct hole on the roof rail. This is what I found out while getting a set of bows from a '71 Grabber. Starting at the front windshield and going back to the rear glass the colors are Black, Pink, Grey and Gold. The last bow will have two small retaining wires that hook over the bow and the other end hooks through a hole in the roof rail above the back windshield. The different color ends go toward the drivers side, the passenger side of the bows are all painted yellow. The bows went in the lower holes in the roof rail.

Glued-in Headliner

Bow Style Headliner

Front Bow is Black

2nd Bow is Pink

3rd Bow is Grey

Rear Bow is Gold

--From the Shop Manual--

The following headlining removal and installation procedures generally apply to all models. If some of the steps do not apply to the particular model being serviced, proceed to the next step.


  1. Remove the sun visor and bracket assemblies (3 screws).
  2. Remove the windshield upper garnish moulding (6 screws). Note: Visor center clip attached. Remove the upper screw from the two windshield side garnish mouldings and position the mouldings away from the windshield A pillar.
  3. Remove the shoulder strap assemblies (1 bolt each) and the shoulder strap retainers and coat hooks (1 screw each).
  4. Remove the roof side center garnish mouldings. On all 4-door sedans, first remove the center cap from the junction of the front and rear side mouldings at the center pillar. On some 4-doors, there is also a joint cover at the rear quarter. On 2-door hardtops, there is one joint cover at the rear quarter.
  5. Remove the rear seat cushion and back.
  6. Remove the right and left quarter trim panels.
  7. Remove the roof side rear trim covers (right and left).
  8. Remove the back window garnish mouldings. Bend the retaining tabs and remove the package tray and deadener.
  9. Bend up the tabs on all retaining strips and unhook the headlining from the tabs.
  10. Remove the dome light. Pry off lense and remove (4 screws).
  11. Remove the staples that fasten the headlining to the roof side retainer assemblies and around the back window.
  12. Pull the headlining loose from the cemented area at the windshield header.
  13. Unhook the right and left retainers from the headlining rear support rod, disengage all support rods from the holes in the left and right roof rails, and remove the headlining from the vehicle.
  1. Unpackage the new headlining and lay it out on a flat surface. Mark and trim the new headlining using the old one as a pattern.
  2. Trim the listings on the new headlining to the approximate length of those on the old one. Remove the support rods from the old headlining and install them in the same relative rod listings of the new headlining.
    Roof headlining support rods are color coded at each end. When ordering new rods, be sure to note the color at each end of the rod.
  3. Position the headlining in the vehicle. To maintain the most driver headroom and wrinkle-free headlining, insert the support rods into the upper holes in the left and the lower holes in the right roof rail except in the following cases. If the headlining is wrinkled (not taut enough) use the upper hole on both sides. If the headlining is too taut, use the lower hole on both sides.
  4. Hook the rear retainers to the rear support rod.
  5. Staple the headlining to the retainer assemblies, bend down the tabs on the retaining strips, and hook the headlining to the tabs.
  6. Cement the headlining in place at the windshield header and trim the excess material.
  7. Install the roof side rear trim covers, the package tray, the rear window garnish mouldings and quarter trim panels.
  8. Cut a hole in the headlining material for the dome light and install the lens and bezel.
  9. Install all the garnish mouldings shoulder harness assembly, retainers and sun visors.