Headliner Bows

When I got my Maverick it didn't have a real headliner. Instead it had a some type of heavy cloth material glued to the roof. I think a bow type headliner is what makes a classic car and this is something that I will be changed back to look original sometimes in the future. I learned from replacing the headliner in my Falcon that the bows are color coded from the factory and not following this code the headliner will not fit correctly. If this is not complicated enough to figure out without a clue what color bow goes where they are also two sets of holes to choose from to put the bow in the correct hole on the roof rail. This is what I found out while getting a set of bows from a '71 Grabber. Starting at the front windshield and going back to the rear glass the colors are Black, Pink, Grey and Gold. The last bow will have two small retaining wires that hook over the bow and the other end hooks through a hole in the roof rail above the back windshield. The different color ends go toward the drivers side, the passenger side of the bows are all painted yellow. The bows went in the lower holes in the roof rail.

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