Glass Bead & Prime

I asked my friend at Napa, since he sells paint supplies, if he knew any painters working out of their backyard shop. He gave me a name and number to a body shop and next thing I knew the phone was ringing the next morning telling me to bring it on in. I had to pull the trigger fast to fit into the painter's and blaster's schedules. I spent the rest of the day removing parts that will be painted/plated separated. The next morning round 9:30 I called and ask Frank if he could drive up and give me a hand. We spent the next 2 or 3 hours removing anything and everything we could think of while the blasting guys finished up blasting the 49 Ford pickup cab. They were blasting panels as fast as we could remove them. If I had more time I would had gutted the door glass and window regulators. I did have time to remove the glass channel and the rest of the weather stripping. The first photo is how much got done while Frank and I got back from lunch. They were finished blasting around 4:00. They used soda to blast the fiberglass spoiler.

I knew about the rust on the driver's side quarter but the damage on the right side quarter kinda took me by surprise. There's one thing for sure...after blasting there's nothing left to the imitation. The trunk lid was full of dents and will be replaced.

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