I decided on going with DuPont's 2 stage Grabber Blue, same as on the 2012 Mustang. This color has a slight richer hue/tone /shade or something is different than the original 70's Grabber Blue. Or it could be the type of paint that gives it the different look. It took the painter 3 weeks to prep and paint and while he was doing his thing I was busy cleaning and detailing the small parts to put the car back together. It took me another week to finish assembling because of more detail cleaning and painting .

Although I have a couple of Grabber hoods in my pile of extra parts and both are in need of rust repair. After doing the math on the repair I looked into the carbon fiber Grabber hood from Maverick Man. For a dollar or two more I could have a hood ready to bolt on and go. The Carbon Fiber Hood fit like a glove using the factory hinges and latch.

Southern Bumper Exchange in south Atlanta did an remarkable job on the bumpers. New 15x7 Magnum 500's took the place of the dated Centerline clones. I figure if I was going to date the looks with wheels then go with the correct decade with the date.

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