Custom Door Panels

I had a local guy who does upholstery on the side to make the door panels. I asked him to make something that looked somewhat period correct and this is what he came up with. The design didn't come out as I envisioned but the quality and workmanship is outstanding. When and IF I decide to make another pair the pleats won't be as bloated and not as wide. The top piece will be a couple inches wider so the end of the armrest would fall on center inside the top pleat and not on the seam.

Before popping the panels in place, the interior side of the door was cleaned with wax and grease remover and a layer of Peel & Seal was applied. I used a heavy duty plastic trash bag for a vapor barrier and 3M Strip Caulking to hold it in place.

I'm still debating on keeping the interior of the door blue or painting them black. I want to paint them but some people say they think the blue looks good.

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