Courtesy Lights

Funny how the everyday convenience that you get accustomed to in your daily driver, other than a cup holder, goes missing when driving an older car. Here is a nice touch of comfort that can be added with very little money and its not really that hard to do. I have less than $10 invested and maybe 15-20 minutes of my time in this upgrade. A mid to late 70's F150 truck donated the Courtesy lights with a section of the wiring with the connector. The reason I choose this particular under dash light, other than it had a Ford part number stamped on it, was because it was easy to remove without crawling under the dash or disassembling other parts to get to it. Only difference between a Maverick Courtesy light and the truck's light is the Maverick light has the mounting tab turned 90º whereas the truck is 180º

To install the lights, I removed the passenger's side kick panel and unplugged the wiring harness going to the door light switch. They are two wires in this harness, one Light Green w/Yellow tracer and one Black w/Light Blue tracer. I cut the Black w/Blue tracer wire about 6 or 8 inches from the connector and spliced in a new wire using a barrel connector and heat shrink tubing to power the lights. I mounted the light using the same screw that mounts the package tray to it's bracket. The Courtesy Lights will come on with the dome light even if you turn the dome light on with the headlight switch.

courtesy light wiring

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