Gas Tank Swap

I replaced the new Mustang tank that the previous owner installed with a tank that was designed to fit a Maverick from RockAuto. Actually it fits a 76-77 Maverick and 75-80 Granada. The extra depth at the rear and extra width increased the capacity a couple gallons and the vapor valve is a different size. Not only did the Mustang tank, being a drop in tank and not a strap in tank, looked unsafe the way it was mounted with angle iron and only two 1/4" threaded rods holding the front and 4 bolts at the rear and with no attaching hardware on the sides. The way it was mounted it looked like the long bolts holding the tank would let the angle iron swing apart and let the tank fall from the car when crossing an uneven intersection or train track. If the tank did decide to let go most likely it would come off at the front and fold over after it hit the ground with sparks flying. I know that I could make the Mustang gas tank work but why re-invent the wheel when you don't have to. Thanks to Frank I now have un-molested filler tube and seal to complete the swap. I had to use longer strap bolts to get from point A to point B because of the tank's larger size. Next trip to the junkyard I'll get late model straps to hold the tank.

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