Small Rear Bumper Swap

While getting the interior and other small parts from the 73 Maverick LDO I grabbed the upper and lower quarter extensions, small rear bumper and mounts. I knew the 74 bumper was heavy but how heavy preyed on my mind. The next day I got out the bathroom scales to satisfy my curiosity, it weighed 54 lbs without the bolts, guards or mounts. I'm sure it would tip the scale over 95 lbs with the mounts. The small bumper weighed in at 16 lbs with mounts. (No wonder the gas mileage dropped around the mid 70's.) Other than drilling a few new holes and filling old holes it's a bolt on job. I used an extra bumper bolt I had lying around to fill in the hole in where the bumper guard was bolted to the '73 bumper. Frank came through like always with the needed rear valance to complete the small rear bumper swap. I since changed to '71 Grabber spoiler and extensions.

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