Junkyard Parts

Now that my feet will stay dry and warm this winter it time to start doing the little things than needed fixed. Frank and I went junkyarding and I bought $100 of parts off a 73 Maverick LDO. This including the rear small bumper w/mounts, quarter extensions, very nice hood trim, rear interior panels that came with ash trays and the kick panels with grilles for the speakers. I wanted to use the package tray but I didn't want to butcher up the vents to fit my system. Also I grabbed the trunk lock retainer clip, quarter window latch, rear package shelve corner trim, like new exterior door handles, headliner bows, hood chrome, windshield trim and some other small brackets that were missing from my Maverick. I found a scissor jack in the trunk so I grabbed that while I was there.

On another junkyard trip I scored a 75 Comet right front fender complete with antenna, head light and both like new headlight bezels, AM radio, space saver tire all for $30. A few months later I got he small front bumper swap parts along with a 6 cylinder radiator shroud, '69 Mach I hood scoop and package tray from a 70 Maverick all for $60. Frank donated the J-bolt and wing nut to nail down the spare tire. My other car buddy, Johnny gave me the almost new exhaust pipe and muffler from his 72 Comet that is going through a 351W transplant to replace the flexible exhaust pipe the previous owner had installed. My long distant car buddy, Fred from Florida, donated the glovebox door. Terry was kind enough to give me a gas cap that will stay on and not fall off.

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