Disc Brake Swap

After rebuilding my drum brakes and putting a total of 27 miles on them, I got this very low mileage disc brake frontend from Frank when he swapped to a Rod & Custom rack & pinion on his Maverick. I had to buy new rotors, pads and bearings because he already promised them to Mike. Although Mike gave me his old rotors...I wanted drilled rotors. Other than that a few busted knuckles, elbow grease and time is all I have invested. I did have to replace the hard line fittings to fit the flexible brake line.

The spring perch came off a '63 Falcon and the brass bushing were replaced with needle bearings and harden shaft. Before installing the suspension I degreased the inner fender apron with Greased Lighting using a garden sprayer and then sandblasted. Using 18 gauge sheet metal I butt weld a patch to fill in the holes in the shock towers. After grinding the bead, a thin coat of Bondo was applied and worked smooth to give it a even finish. Two coats of Rust Bullet was sprayed and allowed to dry before applying Seam Sealer. The next day 2 coats Bed Liner was applied for protection and a sound deadener then the front suspension was installed. I drilled a 3/4" hole in the shock tower to give access to the grease fitting on the upper control arm, a rubber plug will cover this hole.

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