Body Work

The 75 Comet fender I got from the junkyard had a soft spot that needed to be cut out. A patch was welded in, welds ground down, layer of Bondo and primed. This band aid will hold me over until the 'real' body prep begins.

I decided to go ahead and remove the chrome strip along the side. The holes from the clips were filled by inserting a nail from the back side then the head welded to the fender. This trick didn't work out too good because of the metal in the nail didn't want to weld to the fender. From now on I will use sheet metal patches instead of nail head patches.

The front valance and filler panel has a few low spots that need massaged. The back side of the fender, valance and stone guard was sand blasted and the fenders were notched for the stone guard then sprayed with epoxy primer. The early '74 headlight bucket are different than later '74.

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