Transmission Swap

 I bought this C4 transmission from Earl after he swapped to a 5-speed. This transmission was recently rebuild a few years earlier with a Transgo shift kit, extra clutch disc and deep pan. The stall converted is factory spec. I loaded up the trans the night before and headed to Frank's house the next morning to do the swap. My old transmission has a bad case of morning sickness and it took 8-10 minutes before it decided to pull forward. After we removed the radiator we got the Maverick on the lift we removed the pan and drained the nasty brown fluid and pulled the driveshaft, cooling lines, linkage and speedometer cable. After we ate lunch the fluid had stopped dripping and we swapped out the trans. We then dropped the valve body to flip the shifter linkage so it would work with my column shifter. My neutral safety switch is mounded on the column and this trans had the switch on the transmission. We decided to use my NSS and old leaver with a new 0-ring. After getting everything buttoned up underneath we installed the radiator and added fluids. The trans shifts firm enough to chirp the tires when it hits 2nd gear (if the wind is blowing just right).

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