Transmission Cooler

While prowling the junkyard I notice an auxiliary transmission cooler on an '76 F350 Camper Special. The mount looked like it could be easily modified to fit my Maverick. I figure if the engineers in Detroit think it is big enough cool a heavy duty truck transmission that will see extreme service then it will be good enough for what I wanted it to do. For less than $10 the junkyard part was riding in the back of my pickup going home with me.

The stacked flat style cooler is far superior than the tube fin type cooler plus it takes up 1/3 the space. After a test fit to see what will need to be done to make this cooler fit I marked the location so the cooler will be behind the grille. I then removed the enforcement pleat on the mounting tab with a bench grinder and cleaned it up with a Dremel so the tab could be bent 90 degrees. I also took an old shock absorber washer and ground the edges so the washer could fit in the radiator support grooves. This bridged the back side of the channel so when the bolt is tightened it wouldn't crush the lip on the support. Holding the cooler in place I marked the location for the bolt. After I had this end bolted down I then scribed a line where the other tab will bent around the hood latch support. I bent this end 90 degrees in the bench vise and drilled 2 holes in the support to fasten the cooler. Without knowing the history I cleaned the cooler and lines with a can of cooler flush before plumbing.

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