Small Bumper Swap

After collecting the parts, valance, stone guard, bumper brackets, parking lights and bumper, it came time to retrofit the small front bumper. I looked over two templates from the internet and one template stated the rear hole is 11-1/2" from the end of the frame rail and up 1-3/4" from the frame rail lip. The other template said 11-1/2" and 2-1/4" from the top of the rail. After measuring the rear factory hole in the frame rail I notice this hole was already in the correct location. Using the biggest drill bit I had that fit my drill, 1/2", I finished drilling this hole through the frame rail. To get a little bit more wiggle room I chucked up a 5/8" tap in the drill and threaded the hole.

One template wanted the front hole 3-1/2" from the edge and the other template wanted it 3-1/4" so I split the difference and marked the spot at 3-3/8" and up 2" from the lower edge of the frame rail. I used 1/2" fasteners with flat washers and lock washers to nail down the brackets.

After bolting on the lower valance and bumper I went back and adjusted the brackets. I still need to get the bumper re-chromed and instead of having turn signals below the bumper and Sport Lamps on the grille I will keep the turn and parking lamps on the grille and try to use 2004 Focus fog lamps under the bumper. I have a set of clear glass '69 Cougar lens to swap out the grille amber plastic lens somewhere in my pile of parts.

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