Wheel Opening Trim

I notice an early Camaro at a local car show with wheel well trim and it really made the paint job pop. I'm not a big fan of all the extra chrome, but a little bit of chrome I can live with. I already had one piece of trim from a '75 Comet fender that I bought to replace the damaged fender that was on my Maverick when I first got it. The next junkyard trip I had an eye out for the other three pieces of trim. After cleaning the trim with Hair and Grease Remover to remove the cloudy anodized coating from the aluminum trim, Mother's Mag Wheel Cleaner really made the trim look new again. The Comet piece didn't want to lay down like it should because it was from a big bumper car. The fender doesn't have the same curve as the small bumper cars. I had to push kind of hard to get the screw hole to align. This made the center of the trim to bow out a little. I bought a NOS piece for the right front fender.

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