Fuse Box Buss Bar

I needed a place to tap power for the extra accessories that I added like the trunk light, rear window defogger and auto-dim rearview mirror. I knew about the factory buss bar option offered back in the 60's and 70's that added an extra fuse but trying to find one in the junkyard I always came home empty handed. I was able to find used buss bars online but the price was a little on the steep side for what you get. I also located a NOS bus bar for $50. I did find the wire with 3 outlets on late 70's Ford pickup truck behind the gauge cluster on a junkyard trip. This is when I put on my thinking cap and decided to make my own buss bar out of odds and ends I had laying around. I cut a section out of a 1/2" ridged copper pipe and hammered it flat. I cut cardboard from an empty cereal box to make a template the correct size to fit the junk fuse box that I happen to have laying around. With the copper strip and cardboard sandwich in the bench vise, I used a file to get the copper the same size as the cardboard. After a quick test-fit to figure out where to drill holes, I pop-rivet a fuse holder that I removed from an old fuse box to the copper strip. I then drilled a hole for the 1" x 3/16" carriage bolt. A jam nut  on the stud holds the buss bar in place just like the factory option.

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