Grabber Hood Repair

I got this Grabber hood dirt cheap. Like most Grabber hoods that you get cheap is rusted out at the nose. A lot of people would cut the front off a good flat hood and graft it onto a Grabber hood.

After I sand blasted the rust, a coat of etching primer was applied. The next day two coats of Rust Bullet. Fiberglass cloth was laid over the 3rd coat while it was still wet and Rust Bullet went over the 'glass cloth. I let it dry for two days before I sanded it with 80 and 180 grit paper. I made sure I left the weep holes open to drain water. I applied Glazing putty over a two day span to make sure it dried good. A light sanding and a coat of primer and it looked good as a $500-$600 hood.

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