Fender Notch

The photos below show how I notched a big bumper fender and converted it to a small bumper fender. I had an early fender to trace out a template from a shoebox

Here is a photo showing the notch on a small bumper fender

Here is another photo at a different camera angle

The fender is folded at the bottom of the metal that makes the headlight assembly

Cardboard template shows where the metal will be folded...NOT where to cut. Flip the template over and use the other side for the other fender Notice the bottom edge is flush along with the front of the fender. This will need to be changed before marking the fender Here is the early small bumper fender. Notice the headlight adjustment screw is on the bottom

Notice the headlight adjustment screw is on top on most big bumper fenders. The difference between the metal behind the headlight will make the notch too big if tracing the template without adjusting for this difference Notice when the template is laid in place...the edge of the cardboard is about 3/16" -1/4" higher than the headlight assembly metal Slide the template down so the cardboard is even with the headlight assembly metal

Trace the template on the fender. This is where the metal will be folded. DO NOT CUT on this line The top lip is about 1" wide Measure down 1" from the line you drew with the template

Measure over about 1/2” from the fold line and draw a line. This is where you will be cutting The shaded area is the lip that will be folded Big bumper fender is on the bottom. After you notch the fender the hole close to the front of the fender will be gone. A new hole will be drilled in the big bumper fender lip

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