Loose Sport Mirror Repair

I saw a video on youtube showing how to repair a loose mirror head. It looked easy enough so I thought I give it a try. Every thing came out as planned except the quality of the cheap Dorman replacement lens. I bought 3 lens and the first one looked like it was cut out with an axe. It had chips around the edges that really caught the eye. I knew this wasn't going on my car so I opened the 2nd package. This one had smoother edges but had dark spots in the mirror. The 3rd one looked better than the other two but still not as good as I expected. I will be ordering new lens from West Coast Classic Cougar to do this job right.

Taking the mirror lens out of the mirror head wasn't hard since I had them apart last year for paint. Breaking the glass took more effort than what the video showed. I ended up hitting the mirror in the center and that got the glass flying before I ended up bending the back plate. After grinding the rivet heads down with a cut-off wheel the socket came out without a fuss. I squeezed the socket in the bench vise like the video showed. I used a center punch to keep the drill bit from walking while drilling a 7/64" hole and used #6 self-tapping screws to reattach the socket to the backing plate.

I went ahead and used the 2-faced tape to hold the lens in place. When the new lens arrive I might glue them with silicone. I don't think I will trust the tape if it is the same stuff that came with the cheap replacement lens.

I now have a mirror that doesn't flop around like a fish out of water. It will be nice to see the different scenery the mirror is going to offer, other than the top view of the road or the side of my door.

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