C4 to T5 Swap

I got a '85 World Class T5 from a Mustang GT. It wasn't the year I was hoping for but I'm sure it will be strong enough to take what ever my six cylinder can throw at it. Instead of going with a clutch cable that will stretch or break or hydraulic master/slave system that requires stiffing the firewall and that it is lazy on the return, I decided to stay with mechanical linkage to keep things simple.

I got the pedals from a '74 Maverick at the junkyard but the car was not in the yard when I went back to get the z-bar and flywheel. A few months later I found the z-bar and flywheel in a '73 250 six Maverick.

The pivot holes on the z-bar showed a lot of wear so I welded up the holes and re-drilled them to make them round again. New bushings and adjustment swivel were bought to replace the old to make it good as new. New plastic bushings were also installed on the pedals.

I was wishing I could install the pedals on my old pedal support but somewhere before '74 the automatic transmission pedal support changed from a bushing pivot to a bolt pivot design. The later design also doesn't have the spacer inside the channel and this made the sleeve on the pedal to be about a 1/4" longer. I parted out a '71 automatic Maverick earlier this year and it had the bushing style support.

I didn't use the assistant spring on the pedal assembly because I will be using a diaphragm style pressure plate. After locating the factory dimple on the firewall to drill the hole for the clutch pedal pushrod , a 1-1/2" hole was made with a hole saw for the rod and dust boot.

Parts/Price List:

  • Pedal Assembly...$25.00
  • Equalizer Bar w/bracket, ball and linkage...$15.00
  • Custom Transmission Mount...$100
  • 250ci Flywheel...$35.00
  • Reface Flywheel...$45.00
  • Flywheel Ring Gear...$29.00
  • Install Flywheel Ring Gear...$20.00
  • C1DD 753-kit  Equalizer Bar Repair Kit...$14.95
  • C0AZ 7526-B  Clutch Release Rod Bushing...$1.99 each
  • 16934  McLeod Clutch Fork...$44.45
  • C70Z 7521-A   Clutch Rod...$24.50
  • C60Z 27A533-C  Clutch Rod Firewall Seal ...$7.50
  • C7ZZ 7523-AR  Clutch Rod Upper Spring...$15.00
  • C9ZZ 7591-A  Clutch Release Lever Spring...$11.50
  • FC65174  Timken Clutch Pilot Bearing ...$12.97
  • TRA-670-524  Fork Fulcrum Kit...$32.95
  • M-7007-B  Ford Racing Bellhousing Separator Plate...$25.97
  • 88778  RAM Premium Replacement Clutch Kit ...$152.97
  • 3915071  Hurst Billet/Plus SST Shifter...$204.97

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