Disc Brakes & Rear Springs

I replaced the worn out 3-leaf springs with new Maverick 4-leaf springs from Laurel Mountain Mustang. The springs came with the front bushings already install and I bought the rear bushings from Summit Racing. I sprayed all the nuts and bolts with PB Blaster the night before. The swap went way too easy with the correct tools like a 2-post lift, transmission jack and impact wrench. Things were going so smoothly I almost forgot to take pictures. The new spring gave it a two inch needed lift.

Frank and I went junkyarding for Crown Vic rear disc brakes. We decided to pick up extra sets for Terry's Comet and Collin's Maverick. I went ahead and got the rotors with my set because they were like new. My set is also the '96 Grand Marquis variety that had the dust covers. The disc emergency brake inner cables were cut to maverick length and installed into the Maverick outer cable cover. Frank cut the head off a socket head bolt and drilled a hole to thread the cable end into the bolt head and welded the two together to make the ball.

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