A friend gave me a 6-2-1 header that was modified by extending the collector a few inches to clear the 250 bellhousing. It was ceramic coated about 10 years ago and the coating was looking terrible so I got the guys at Performance Coating to strip the old coating and had them to recoat the header inside and out with their Performachrome finish.

I got a friend about 50 miles from me that does exhaust work and I drove to his shop with an open header. We went with 65"x2-1/2” pipe out of the header into a 2-1/2” inlet on the 14" turbo muffler that is located under the back seat area. Harold made a 2” fork coming out of the 2-1/2” outlet. Both 2" tail pipes go over the rear axle and the right pipe exits behind the rear tire. The left pipe runs between the rear end housing and gas tank then 90’s back and exits behind the rear tire. I decided to put flange connectors on both ends of the pipe between the header and muffler in case later on down the road I wanted to change the size of the pipe.

It doesn’t sound like a V8 but it also doesn’t sound like an inline 6 cylinder either...it has got its own unique sound. While cruising down the interstate at 2500 rpm it kind of reminds me of an old inboard boat scooting across the lake from the early 60’s with a little bit of a V8 flat head mixed into the sound. There's no drone or reverberation going on inside the car. When speeds are below 50 mph with windows rolled down the wind noise is louder than the exhaust.

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