Interior Upgrade

Before I could find time to paint the quarter extensions that I got from the '73, Frank and I found a '71 Grabber in the junkyard. I got the hood, trunk lid w/extensions, sport mirrors, package tray w/brackets, belly bar and rear bumper, Frank got the factory tinted glass, dash pad and the rest of the car. The 73 bumper that I got a few week ago was in better shape so I'm using it but I'm going with the smaller brackets from the '71 to place the bumper closer to the rear panel. I also got the V8 engine stands while the gettin was good. It might be a few years down the road before a V8 swap, but then again it might be next week. Earl and Terry were kind enough to swap my hood because I had a cast on my arm and didn't have any use of my hand. I still need to adjust the hood for a better fit but I will do that after I replace the fender and get some paint on the hood.

I'm also getting parts off the parts car. The Carpet cleaned up real well and should take some dye to look new again. The seats were also in great shape. I will be using the rear interior side trim and seatbelts to complete the swap.

Like everything soon as I change a part or two I get a better part to replace the part I just swapped out. This time Terry gave me a better set of seats. They are double stuffed velour seats from a 70 Maverick with extra springs added.

I finally removed the lower dash and installed the package tray I got from the '71 Grabber. I had to swap the driver side fresh air vent to make this happen. The '74 radio bezel was also different so I used the '71 bezel. I opened up the bezel to accept a very cheap aftermarket stereo, that I happen to have laying around, and installed some 6 x9's in the rear and 5.25" in the kick panels.

I got another steering wheel off eBay to get the horn switch. The steering wheel was in better shape than my wheel so I'm using it also. I replaced the old scratched up speedometer lens with a 69-70 Mustang reproduction part.

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