Old Gas Pump

I been looking at vintage gas pumps at swap meets for a few years now, but the asking price was way too rich for my blood for a rusty shell with missing major parts and that needed everything replaced or made from scratch. I about had giving up finding a pump that I felt comfortable paying the asking price. I seen this old 1955 Tokheim 300 pump on the showroom floor at Melvin’s Classic Ford Parts. After a close inspection I decided to pull the trigger. The glass window has been replaced with plexiglass and only one small dent on the top cover. This dent also damaged the chrome trim. Only surface rust on the doors with no major pitting.

When I got it home I managed to pick the locks on the doors and notice no motor or belt attached to the pump’s pulley. Since I’m not planning on pumping gas I didn’t have a problem with the missing motor. I turned the crank on the side panel to see if I could zero out the numbers and found out there’s nothing wrong with things being stuck. The next day I started the disassembly process. To my surprise, all the nuts and bolts came off with little effort during the teardown. When I removed the 14 foot hose, about a cupful of old reeking gas that was trapped came pouring out.

The frame should come clean with a little prep before epoxy primer is sprayed. There's not enough rust to warrant breaking out the sand blaster. The base and exterior color will be power coated after it has been media blasted. I will be buying a handful of reproduction parts that is ready available to complete the restoration. These parts will be mainly being the glass windows and rubber grommets. After a couple of weeks thinking on what oil company to represent, I have decided to go with the Sinclair logo and paint scheme.