Old Gas Pump

While I'm waiting on the guy doing the powder coating, I been cleaning and detailing the parts to go back on the gas pump. I decided to paint most of the old bolts but I bought new nuts and washers. The frame is painted satin black along with the track for the hose return weight. The middle shelf and the top support is gloss white. The cable pulley's mounting brackets are satin black but the pulleys were painted gloss black. The door hinge is gloss black and 2 different shades of silver with a light blue spring. Most of the cast iron parts was painted cast iron gray except for the pump itself was painted with red oxide primer and the spinner inside the site glass was left natural aluminum. The aluminum mounts were bead blasted and wire-wheeled before aluminum paint was applied.

All of the old school cloth covered aluminum wiring was replaced with modern rubber insulated copper wiring alone with new porcelain light sockets. The hose return cable was replaced with a new cable and new rubber grommet where the hole exits the case was replaced with reproduction. A new 10 foot fuel certified hose replaced the old 14 foot hose. The original porcelain faceplate and signage was in great condition. I found the pump motor on eBay to complete the project.