The dash chrome trim was pitted very bad and I replaced them with the trim I already had that wasn't pitted as bad. While I was at it I replaced the headlight switch to get the dash lights working again. A reproduction door/data tag was bought from Marti Auto Works to replace the scratched original.

Heater box was restored and new seal kit installed along with a new fan motor. Period correct White Stripe Autolite reproduction heater hose and tower clamps were also used. The new cluster lens I purchased from PG Classic Restoration Parts has made a huge difference in the appearance of the interior along with the new steering wheel and horn ring. A new shift collar was bought to replace the worn out collar and painted red along with the steering wheel.

I replaced the kick panels and after dying them red I had to trim them to fit. I also had to drill new bottom holes in the car to match the holes in the kick panel. The door cards didn't have the clips install and the top chrome trim was the only thing holding the panel to the door along with a sheet metal screw in the lower corner. I was lucky the lower chrome trim did cover the screw hole. The chrome aftermarket window cranks were replaced with the correct Falcon parts. Since the '63 turn signal stalk is different than the 60-62 and not reproduced I bought a NOS stalk to replaced the chrome aftermarket lever.

The original bucket seat were replace by the previous owner with seats from a Fairlane. I got a very good deal on some '64 Falcon bucket seats on craigslist. I stripped the seats to the frame and sand blasted the frame and springs. The tracks were bead blasted and painted along with the seat frames. New foam buns was bought on eBay and burlap with the reinforcement wire was purchases from Romeo Engineering. I notice that Summit Racing was a distributor for Distinctive Industries and I asked them to if they could get Falcon upholstery too. The salesman made a few phone calls since he needed a part number to fill my order and made it happen. Summit was $75-$100 cheaper from what I was seeing else where, plus I had a $20 off coupon. New hinge covers and seat emblems were bought. I know a guy in the upholstery business to install the seat covers.

Once I installed the front seats I found myself sitting closer to the steering wheel. I needed to come up with a way move the seat back without modifying the seat or floor. I made seat track extensions out of 1 1/4" x 3/16" flat stock to go between the seat tracks and floor pan to move the seats back another 2 inches. The holes in the track extensions were countersunk and flat head bolts were used fasten the seat to the tracks and floor. The extensions were painted to prevent rust stains on the carpet. For more detail on making seat track extensions click here.

To look more period correct a new reproduction radio with AM/FM/Bluetooth from Antique Automobile Radio Inc. replaced the Custom Autosound unit the previous owner installed. A dual voice cone 5x7 dash speaker from Retro Sound filled the missing hole in the dash.

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