'96 Saturn SC1

I bought this car from a Title Pawn Shop, A.K.A. My Dealership. For the asking price of $1500 I knew they had to be some issues to make it dependable and road worthy. I got home and after a while I went to go some where and the car did not start, it only said 'click'. it seem to have a bad starter. Needless to say this was the last time I parked a the bottom of a hill. My Dealership said his brother works at a junkyard and said that he would get me another starter the next day. I went back and waited on the delivery truck for my starter. I got talking about the Honda he was working on, manly the cold air package. Before I knew it he took it off the Honda and hand it me and said Happy Birthday. The intake tube was way too long but I was willing to take the hack saw to it. Giving up on the delivery truck to come anytime today it was getting on closing time. On the way home I stopped at the muffler shop to see how much it cost to have them use the chop saw cut the tube to length. "No Charge". Now I needed to get a longer rubber hose to run to the valve cover. So I stopped by Auto Zone. They had a piece of scrap hose the right size laying on the floor. "No Charge". The only thing left was to plug a fitting on the side of the tube so I stopped at NAPA for some type of plug. The parts man came back with a small freeze plug to press in the hole, "50 cents" he said. Wow!, cold air package for half a dollar.

The clutch plate came un-glued a few month later. I was able to slide the transmission back far enough to reach in and replace the clutch and pressure plate without having to drop the transmission.

I let a friend use my car and he ran off the road and nailed a fire hydrant. For the record...water didn't shoot up out of the ground like on TV. The damage didn't look too bad at first but after getting the nose off reality sat in. We wrapped a chain around the frame and tied the other end to a pickup truck. After a few snatches we got it looking straight enough. A trip to the junkyard got the needed body parts. The transmission never did shift right after the accident. I pulled the transmission and found a broken case. Back to the junkyard and while looking from a transmission that would be easy to get to, I open a hood and found a transmission sitting in the engine bay. All I had to do was pick it up and put it in the wheelbarrow Looks like I brought my toolbox for nothing.


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