'64 Falcon Tudor Station Wagon

While searching the junkyards for a fuel gauge for my 60 Falcon, I saw this wagon sitting on the back roll of cars. I don't know why I decided to walk over to check it out. I knew they were nothing I needed from a square body Falcon. The closer I got, the more I notice something strange about this peculiar Falcon, something wasn't looking right. Then it hit me, its a 2-door. The next thing I looked at was the condition of the body, didn't notice anything major wrong except a little rust around one of the quarter panel. I pop the hood to find a complete V8, except for the missing battery, it appeared that all was needed was some gas and just drive it. After I found what I came to get, I asked the guy inside how much for the whole car. Four fifty came the reply without any hesitation. I told him I'll give it some though. The next week end I went back to look over the car a bit closer. The floor was in sad shape, the 2-speed trans was sitting in the back cargo area, and the windshield was cracked. Both bumpers were bent and rusty, the radio was missing and the gas cap was wrong. I though to myself, "Big Deal", these things can be bought easily.

The more I though about it, the more my plans got bigger. I went back the following Monday with a rented U-Haul and a friends trailer. I can see a late model 5.0, AOD, A/C in my near future. Also thought about a V-6 transplant from a Ranger . If I take the V-8 route, a teardrop hood scoop and wheel tubing will be a must along with a fuel cell and nitrous bottles to fill the rear cargo area. Plan B would be with a V-6. This would be a skinny tires all around, wood grain floor in the back. It would be more stock looking. Either way, I will change over to Granada disc brakes and dual bowl master cylinder and I will have air conditioner , front and rear, so I can enjoy cursing' Georgia’s hot summer nights.

They will be a lot more other bells and whistles going back on this wagon than Ford was willing to offer at the time. More dreams include power seats, windows, door locks, antenna, sound system, cruise control, GPS, DVD entertainment and anything else I can think of to make it loaded like a Lincoln. I really don't need to make another Hot Rod with this car, my 60 Falcon is my other toy when I want to get there in a hurry. I'm shooting for more comfort and luxury this time around.

I got a lot of work in front of me with this project. It took all day to clean out the inside after I got it home. The seats are trash, so is the floor pan. But hey, I did get all four matching hub caps in the deal. The floor under the rear seat needs some patching. The spare tire housing does not have a bottom anymore. I will be busy on this rust damage this next few weeks. Kinda hard to see, but that's the 2-speed transmission sitting back there with the drive shaft and an old rim that doesn't fit anything that I own and a used muffler. The door panels were painted with a paint brush, the headliner is falling apart.