Martin "60" Outboard Motor

My Granddad had this 2-cycle outboard motor stored in his basement for 20+ years with a full tank of gas before my Dad brought it home. He had to use a spoon to get the congeal fuel out of the tank. After steam cleaning the rest out of the tank and rebuilding the carburetor the little motor fired up on the 3rd pull. He ran it for hours in a 55 gallon drum. But when we got to the lake and put it on the boat it wouldn't start for nothing in the world. He took it off the boat and stuck it back in the drum and it fired up on the first try. Back on the boat and nothing, back on the drum 1st time, back on the boat nothing. It was like the poor little fellow was scared of deep water or it didn't want nothing to do with pushing a 18 foot boat. I'm want to restore this back to its original glory.

I don't know much about this out board motor except it was made by the American Pressure Cooker Company of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The production run was '46 through '53. From what I gather this motor was most likely made in late 47 near the end of that years run. Recommended fuel ratio is 3/4 pt to a gallon. The company sold out in '53. The 11 cubic inch was thought to produce 6.0hp instead it pumped out 7.2 hp @ 4,000 rpm. Retail price when new was $184.45 or $2,114.62 in todays money and weights 43 lbs.