60's Coke Machine

This is a project on my list of things I want to get done. It's a Westinghouse model number WB78-B6, which I think that means it will hold 78 bottles and you have 6 buttons to chose which flavor drink you want. It's hard to put a date on this machine because they used the same machine for several years and they revised them several times before any major changes. So far I can't find any info on the internet using the serial number. The best I can tell going by the sign and paint this machine was probably made between 1959-1966. I want to say it was serviced in 1978 because somebody wrote 78 on the compressor and the coin mechanism has 12/6/78 and it is setup to take 30 cents. This machine weighs 387 pounds.

I haven't had much time to mess with it except for replacing the lock on the door that was drilled out and changing the light bulbs to get them working. The compressor will run when it is plugged into an outlet but the condenser fan isn't running so hopefully a new fan motor, or if I'm lucky a couple drops of oil, is all that is needed to get it cooling. The bad thing is if it is the the condenser it is buried behind a lot of other parts. I notice I will have to come up with another light sockets to light up a flavor button and I will have to make another bottle chute stop. I read on the internet that a 2" PVC pipe can be used as a spacer inside the rack to allow the machine to vend 12 ounce cans. Also I read that a momentary switch can be wired to fool the coin mechanism. My plan is to use the coin return lever to activate this switch. I scanned the wiring diagram on the door and edit the image to make a new diagram to go back on when the time comes. Also made some vintage labels to go behind the selector buttons to give it that period correct look.

When the time does come to get this machine running I will replace the fiberglass insulation with something more modern. Most likely I will use Por15 on the sheet metal and get the bottle rack and linkage power coated. I don't think I want to paint the outside shinny red because it will make the scratched and damage aluminum trim too noticeable.

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