Early Production Distinctive

Here are some of the things different on the early production run compared to the later production run on the 1960 Falcon. Some more changes were made in early 61 productions at the bottom of this page. If you know of any more and have a photo or documentation to back it up I will add them to this list. If you can help me nail down a date Email me at webmaster@1bad6t.com

Vent Window has Rain Gutter
early 60

Wing on Vent Window
60 only

Shock plate has welded metal spacer to fill the low spot between the U bolts

Absent of screw on lower Windshield Trim early 60

2 piece Hood Support Web early 60, (May-'60 1 piece web)

Different Stop Arm and Glovebox Door early 60

60-63 Spring Perch has
brass bushing

Sending Unit and Pick-up
some 61

Fuel Filler Neck angels
to the left on 60 and some 61

Trunk brace web 60 on left
62 on right

Strut Rod Support 60-
early 62 on left photo
Staples holding rear Windshield seal early 60

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