Common Questions and Answers

I get a lot of email asking questions on repairing a Falcon. Hopefully this page can help others out. I will start out the most common question and go to the not so common questions.

Where is the Fuse box

The fuse box is connected to the light switch. I find it more easier to pull the light switch to replace a fuse than trying to disconnect the fuse box from the headlight switch. To remove the light switch

  1. Disconnect the Battery
  2. Reach behind the Dash and feel around the switch and find and push in the button while pulling the steam out of the switch, keep pushing and pulling, it will come out.
  3. Screw the bezel off the switch
  4. The switch and fuse box can now be pulled out from underneath the dash.

(Click to view larger picture)

How do you remove the Ignition Switch

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. Push a small stiff wire in the small hole and turn the key to the left, this will remove the tumbler
  3. Reach behind the switch and push into the dash
  4. Push the bezel into the dash and turn it to the left
  5. The switch and now be pulled down
  6. Remove the nut holding the wiring harness to the switch
  7. Remove harness from switch.

What is the biggest tire I can fit

My wheel wells are cut out so I can't honestly say, with a lot of back space on the rim the wider the tire will fit. Ask the guy at the tire store who is willing to work with you they deals with this every day. Using stock rims don't expect much wider than 195's or 205's

How to Change from a Generator to an Alternator

On a V8 get V8 alternator mounts, on a 6 cyl you have to replace your timing chain cover with an alternator equipped 6 cyl car. The wiring will need to be rewired and a different Voltage Regulator will need to used. See diagram below.

Why does the Gas Splash back when Pumping Gas

Today's gas pump pumps faster than they did back in the day. Clean out the vent tube by removing the tube at the top of the tank next to the filler tube and blow it out with compressed air. This will keep the trash from entering the tank. You will find all kinds of insects and trash inside the vent tube. It possible you might have to run a stiff wire through the tube to knock the trash loose then wash it out by spraying carburetor cleaner or WD40. You can also remove the spring loaded door from a late model filler neck and install it in you filler neck.