A few throttle linkage options for a FALCON

We take the stock linkage off and run the 76 Granada linkage on all our V8's. They have a spring loaded cable and we build a small bracket to mount them. The tricky part is setting the pedal, which is suspended and not attached to the floor- I use a 1' block of aluminum to shim it, and set it where I am comfortable. Works real good

We just route the kickdown in a normal fashion...we route the kickdown under the throttle cable- which is rigid. Then we check for interferance between the two and use a large channel lock to correct that - those suckers are tough to bend for sure. Of course- we do this modification on Holley carbs, as well as autolite 2bbl's- I have yet to see an Edlebrock work properly (their kickdown linkage is a nightmare).