Electrolysis vs Metal Rescue

I wanted to see how a $25 a gallon of Metal Rescue compared to electrolysis which is practically free performs. Both rusty parts were in the bath for the same amount of time and this is the results. The tie-down on the left was using electrolysis and the one on the right using Metal Rescue. The first photo shows what I started with, 2nd photo is after 3 hours and the 3rd photo is after 12 hours of soaking. Both Metal Rescue and the electrolysis solution are both environmental friendly. Both solutions started out clear. Only thing good about Metal Rescue is that it would be easier to soak nuts and bolts than it would be using electrolysis. But as far as removing the rust electrolysis has it beat in both performance and cost .

Metal Rescue needs to be at least 68 degrees or better before it works. Metal Rescue suggested the part to be removed from the bath after so many hours or the part will turn black. Electrolysis process is self-halting, when there is no more rust to remove, the reaction stops. Electrolysis need to be done in a well ventilated area because of the flammable gasses the it produces, it also works in cold weather

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