Maggie the Gearhead Dog

I got this puppy from the dog pound shortly after I got the Maverick. Anybody who has a house dog knows how funny their personally can be. They are just like a child in a lot of ways. Now she is with me every time I go outside to tinker with my car. She seems to enjoy watching me like I'm doing all of this work for her. Sometimes I think she thinks this is going to be her car one day. She loves to sit behind the steering wheel like she is driving just like a little kid would do.

After I pulled the old carpet out I went back into the house to get my camera to take pictures of my progress and she followed me back outside. Once she noticed what I did she let me know right then that she didn't approve with what I done. It wasn't a vicious bark, more of a long drawn out howl, but she did give me a earful. This was the only time that she ever got vocal with me. I'm guessing that she thought I was tearing up her car. The moment she finally notice the old carpet was laying on the driveway behind the car she made a beeline to go lay down on the carpet.

The day I tagged a deer I went to get the camera to take a pic of the damage, before I could turn on the camera she was already checking out the damage. She had this sad pitiful look on her face when she turned to look back at me. I could see that she was heartbroken too.

As long as I'm working on the car and she knows or thinks I might need to test drive the latest repair she will stay close by. When she sees you walking toward the car she gives you a look like she is saying "Can we go somewhere now?" At the end of the day after watching me all day long you can see it in her eyes that she looks dog tired.

The next day I will ask her if she wants to go work on the car and she will run to the door. If I say something stupid to her like do you want to go get a hysterectomy, or do you want to go get your nails painted, she just lays there and turns her head 45 degrees and perk her ears up giving me a "I don't know what that word means?" look. If I say do you want to go to Napa? She runs to the truck waiting for the door to open.

She likes to check out parts from the junkyard too. She really did love seeing this dent free hood trim

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