Reproduction Horn

When I got this car it had cheap aftermarket horns and they didn't sound that great or loud. I decided to replace them with the factory correct reproduction horns available from Dennis Carpenter. When I took them out of the box first thing I notice was the extra long bolts used for different mounting bracket application. Second thing I notice was one of the horns rattled like something was loose inside. I looked down the trumpet and I could see one of the bolts about ready to fall out. I had to pry the cover off to get a wrench to tighten it up. I decided to put lock washers and Loctite on all the bolts holding the diaphragm. After I attached the bracket to the horn I took a cut-off wheel on my Dremel to cut the bolts down so they wouldn't be that noticeable. I used a screwdriver to pry the terminal away from the cover to center it up in the cover. I made a short jumper wire with a male spade connector on one end and an eye connector on the other to plug in my wiring harness. I was surprised how loud these horns sound compared to newer cars.

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