Electrical System


After pulling out the 60 year old wiring harness from under the dash and looking at the condition of the connectors I was surprised the car hasn't caught fire yet. The old harness connectors were dried out and cracking and the wires were stiff as if they lived their life under the hood. The main power wire at the ignition switch was hanging on by only a few strains and a portion of the fuse box was missing leaving wires exposed.

The wiring system was replaced with model specific reproduction harness. This includes headlight feed, engine feed, under dash, headlight extensions and harness going to the back of the car. I made some required changes since I'm running an alternator instead of generator. Relays are used to have full 12 volts at the distributor, fuel pump, water pump, fans and headlights. 3-wire oil pressure sensor switch is wired to kill electric fuel pump when pressure drops. Inertia switch feeds the trigger wire to the fuel pump relay. I added an extra fuse block to help carry the added electrical load.

Since I replaced the steering column many years ago with a Mustang column the new turn signal switch did save me a little bit of money.

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