Luggage Compartment

When installing the sub in my trunk I thought to myself I needed to do something with all this metal to metal contact on the trunk lid cross brace. Trimming a deck lid cover from an 01 Lincoln and drilling a few holes for the plastic buttons from Advance Auto Parts took care of this problem. I shaved the foam of the backing and use a hair dryer to heat the material to get it to bend. 3M spray glue helps holding the material on the leading edge.

I had to remove the torsion spring for clearance to squeeze the sub toward the back of the luggage compartment. I decided to replace the factory torsion spring with a gas spring. I first tried using a short gas spring from a Jeep Wagoneer rear hatch but I found out this spring was way to strong. It seem like it was going to break the latch or knock my teeth out if I stood too close when the lid flew open. With my luck both would happen at the same time. I then tried a '90 Acura gas spring for size and it worked perfect. Be sure to mount any gas spring shiny side down.

To help figure were to mounted the gas spring to the hinge support, I marked the length of the spring with a pencil on the trunk's channel opening. I used this as a reference point to know where to mount it to the trunk lid. After marking the lid at this location I remove the spring and drilled the lid and mounted the spring to the lid. The old torsion spring came in handy propping the trunk lid to fasten the bottom of the gas spring back to the car.

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