Clever Tips

Here is some cheap tricks I've used in the past.

Clean up your wires ...Use hand cleaner to clean wiring and harness. Wipe it on with your hands and wipe off with a damp rag.

Install a thermostat with one hand behind your back ...Loop a rubber band through the housing and around the 'stat and back through the neck. Use a pencil to hold things in place.

Quick oil funnel ...Cut the bottle in half and use the top half as a funnel.

Oil Filter Wrench ...Loop a belt (or rope) around the filter and pull the tail. I had to do it this way 'cause no room to swing a filter wrench on my daily driver.

Removing Parking Brake Cable ... Use a 3/8" hose clamp to squeeze tangs, knock cable end back through backing plate using a small hammer and box end wrench.

Balancing a Driveshaft