Springs & Shocks

I changed the 6 cyl suspension to '63 V8 suspension when I did the Granada disc brake swap. A Mustang 1" sway bar replaced the factory 3/4" bar. I decided to keep the '60 spring perch because of the brass bushing has a grease fitting and is better than the rubber bushing. It might not be as good as the roller perch, but it does flop around like a fish out of water like the roller perch. My old 6 cylinder springs eventually got tired so I replaced them with Moog '65 V8 Comet springs along with new spring insulators. Driving is much better especially in the curves and braking. It takes the small pot holes and uneven intersections great. For some reason I felt safe this time around using the different style spring compressor. But still had to work through the coils with a wrench. I found a couple small stress cracks on the shock tower around the cartridges bolt slots. The car sits about 3 feet taller and showed no signs of settling after 5 weeks so I chopped off a coil. Turning the spring compressor around allowed me to use a socket on the top side to squeeze the spring and use a angle grinder with a cut off wheel to cut the coil. I used masking tape to mark the spot where I was going to cut, the tape shows up better than using a black marker on black paint.

I replaced my front shocks with Mustang Shocks. Why you may ask? Because they are about 50% cheaper than Falcon Shocks, more to choose from, you can find them anywhere without having to order them and waiting a week or two for delivery. The Mustang top mount will be needed to make this swap work and the mounting bolt holes are the same. The difference between the Falcon and Mustang shocks are the top mount. The Falcon uses the stud type whereas the Mustang uses the cross bar style, the Mustang & Falcon shocks measure the same when extended and when compressed. (14.25” – 10.50”) The Edelbrock IAS shocks Made a lot of difference too.

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