Sun Visor

The old visors were getting a little on the loose side and would creep down going down the road. To tell the truth, I got tired of pushing them back up.

These sun visors came from a '93 Cougar. The vanity mirror and lights adds a slight more luxury than the old Mustang visors I was using when I replaced the originals back in the early 70's.

Unlike a few screws and a wire, it was more to it than I first expected. The old mount set flat to the roof. The new mount had extra material that needed cut out to fit flat and also needed to fit into the access hole in the roof corner. I used a Dremel with a cutting wheel to cut the towers off the visors arm.

There is another layer of sheet metal on the backside of the hole that had to be drilled with a 3/8 drill bit because the Cougar's tension spring is a tad bit longer and wider than the original. Also this is where the wire will exit the visor. I could have made a spacer to give me the extra clearance but that would took too much time.

I used caution with the drill and I used a rubber garment in this new hole before fishing the wire to help prevent chafing the wire.

The Cougar visor wire connector fell in the wrong spot to lay down between the mount and roof's sheet medal. If the wire was a half inch longer life would be great. I had to add a longer pigtail on the visor. I didn't have a problem with the other visor.

My headliner needs replaced so I didn't think twice ripping it to see what is behind the back side. I was disappointed how dim the lights are at night. It nowhere as bright as you see in a new car today. Which is good, it doesn't bother you when driving at night.

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