FM inside an AM

I was cleaning out the garage and I found myself with an old AM/FM/Cassette Radio in one hand and an old AM radio in the other. I got a thinking that it would be nice to have FM sound in my Falcon. The next thing I remember I had a screwdriver taking the radio's apart. I ran into a issue or two, but I got the sounds I was looking for. The best thing about this modification is did not have to cut anything to get the radio to fit in the dash. It went in like it was made for it.

To begin with I opened up the AM and striped it down to an empty box. I then opened up the FM radio and removed the cassette player. I had to cut a section of the left side of the radio case to get the control shaft's to span enough to exit the AM face plate. The FM shafts are a bit larger in diameter than the AM so I drilled a larger holes in the AM face plate to allow the FM shaft to fit through. Using the AM nuts to mount to the dash and the FM nuts to hold the FM shaft to the AM face plate.

The yellow wire you see on the face plate is for the light inside the radio. The two wires going to the cassette player was spliced back together to get power back to the FM. The station pointer was glued down with silicone for looks. Holes was drilled in the rear for wires and antenna on the back of the AM cabinet. The AM/FM mode switch was left in the FM position.

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