Pinned Motor Mounts


After separating a motor mount again I knew I needed something stronger than stock motor mounts. I'm thinking they are making mounts with different rubber than they use to or the manufacture procedure is different. Something is up. All I know they don't last as long as they did years ago. It looks like with today's technology they know how to make a motor mount that doesn't pull apart without you doing a basic backyard fix. For what its worth, as always anything made with metal I will buy from a quality part chain, not from a discount auto part franchise.

I hear that the '69 Bronco mounts have torque limiters or pins going though mount that limits the movement of the engine. The draw back is this motor mount will also raise the engine in the bay approximately 3/8 to 1/2 inch. This might be acceptable if used in a ’62-‘65 Falcon, but the ’60 Falcon having the smallest transmission tunnel needs all the room it can get with a V8 bellhousing. It should be noted that the 260 V8 has a 6 inch bolt span and the 289-351 has a 7 inch span. So if you have a 221 or 260 forget about using Bronco mounts.

I didn't want the harshness of solid motor mounts on a street driven car. Other than the cruelty of this type mount the vibration from the engine will eventuality take its toll on other parts.

I remembered seeing something very similar to this modification in an old Hot Rod magazine years ago. This modification not only keeps the motor mounts in one piece, it will also put more torque to the driveshaft by eliminating the flex in the OEM mount that is lifting the engine when it is rev. It will make a more responsive drivetrain that will responds crisper to throttle response. You also gain less wheel hop, not to mention less chances of the headers hitting the shock towers due to the engine twisting. With this modification I can now have almost the smoothness of rubber mounts and the strength of solid. I can feel a very slight vibration in the steering wheel with the mounts being pinned, but it is not enough to to be concern it is something that was expected.

When I had things apart I notice the studs on the intermediate mounts were worn and stripped. I use 7/16" wheel studs to replace the studs. I had to cut the old stud out and using a angle grinder and Dremel. I thought I will be able to knock the bolt out of the hole after cutting the head off the stud but I thought wrong. I had to used a drill to get the rest of it out. Years ago I welded a gusset to the left intermediate mount when it started cracking in the corner of the bend.

I had to open up one of the bolt holes on the left side motor mount to keep it flat and from pressing on the block. This could have pushed the corner of the motor mount into the block and cracked or busted a hole in the block when tightening the bolt.

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