Dual Bowl Master Cylinder

I installed a '89 Mustang master cylinder to replace the old single bowl. I find this master cylinder makes a clean looking alternative than the cast iron MS and it will bolt to the firewall using factory holes. I also used my original push rod and rubber boot. The master cylinder has metric fittings. I used 1(one) 3/16 X 12 adapter for the back line and 2(two) 3/16 X 10 for the front lines. I had to purchase a 20" pre fabricated hard brake line to run to the front of the master cylinder port to the proportioning valve and bent my rear brake line to the proportioning valve. I also had to bend the original front brake lines to their new locations. I replaced the rubber bumper on the pedal support with a late model '70's F-150 brake light switch. I used short jumper wires to reach the factory wires.

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