Throttle Cable Linkage

I grabbed this cable set-up form an import car at the junkyard. I looked at a lot of different cars that day and I cant remember what year/make/or model it came from. I'm thinking it was from a Volvo or was it a VW Rabbit? I made the mount behind the carburetor from stainless steel and parts from my sons old bicycle got the cable connected to the carburetor. I noticed that when the pedal was on the floor the butterfly in the carb wasn't wide open. To get around this problem I put a 1/2" block of aluminum under the mounting plate where it bolts on the floor. This spacer gave the pedal more travel. I still need to go back and trim the spacer for a cleaner look. After going to the carburetor spacer I made some stands from aluminum tubing to get the cable mount higher

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