Exterior Lighting

I bought the Zoops headlights after I had my bumpers rechromed because the old headlight looked bad next to the new chrome. It really made the difference in appearance. The wasp nests almost made me hurt myself when I first noticed it, my heart jumped out of my chest. I read all the talk about how much brighter your headlights will be using relays so I figure why not give it a try. To say the lest I was surprised it made that much difference. I wish I had some before and after pictures of this modification. The white Matrix X-102 LED tail lights glow like something from the old Twilight Zone television show, but in color. The factory bimetallic flasher will not heat up when using LED lights and the turn signal will not flash. I used a Tridon ep37 electronic Flasher to replace the factory flasher. Be sure to connect the hot led to the + or you will short out the electronics. I used Loctite on the mounting screw holding the flasher because of the flashers weight pulling the screw loose . A very respectable source on a forum I visit says that a 18 wheeler flasher have a motor that operates the switch points and doesn't care how much current there is. ( Thanks Jim.) This could be a cheaper route when replacing the flasher. Because of the location and head ache to replace the flasher I elected not to go with the cheap $5 part at the discount chain. At this time I'm still using 1157 bulbs in front. When I tried to use red color Painless Wiring LED's in the back and white Matrix up front all kinds of problems surfaced. The turn indicator in the instrument cluster would not work, both front parking lights would flash at the same time and the rear would not flash. When swapping the front to 1157's nothing happen up front but the rear was acting fine. Nothing happen if I had the parking lights turned on. (The front parking light on the Falcon don't stay on when the headlight are turned on like some car.) After some web research I read that different lamp manufacturer is not compatible with another manufactures. It seems Painless Wiring lights will freak out and do strange things when mixing different type or other brand LED lamps. The Matrix X-series lamps don’t care if you’re using 1157’s up front. The Painless Wiring LED's are brighter than the Matrix because all the diodes are facing the same direction plus the diodes are not bunched close together like the Matrix LED's.

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