The 6-way electric bucket seats are from a '86 Cougar. I had to drill new holes in the floor pan and I use flat washers on both sides of the new holes for extra strength. I'm having a friend at a machine shop making me a 'box' to mount the switch on the floor between the door and seat. The console is from a '62 Falcon. I made my own door panels using 1/8" sheet of fiber board, new car headliner foam, and 2 different shades of gray vinyl from a local fabric store. They turned out OK, but I will try and make another pair. I know what to expect when making v2.0. I made my own headliner with cloth material I bought from the fabric store. It wasn't that' hard, but I had somebody else to do the sewing. I just told her where to sew. I replaced the kick panels with the after market type that has speakers built into them. About the only thing left to do is getting the back seat upholster like the front seats.

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