Polishing an Aluminum Intake

Here is something I started that I wished I didn't start at the time. Like most thing we do in this hobby, it sound good at the time but now I had to finish what I started. This is the first time I took on polishing. I was learning as I went and I most likely I went about it wrong, but I got there. I started by knocking down the texture with a grinding stone on my Dremel. Then I used a flapwheel on the flat surface of the runners. That was the easy part.

Now getting between the valleys and corners and other places where I couldn't get the tool bits is a different story. The pits and scratches are deeper than first expected. The only way to get to them is by hand. I started out using 180 grit sandpaper the work myself up to 400 then a green scrub pad and 0000 steel wool pad. Getting a shine is easy with the small buffing wheels and rouge.

A green scrub pad works miracles. Better than all the attachments I bought. I cut a 1x4 piece of scrub pad and made a 2 blade flapwheel to get into tight places and it accidentally knotted up when spinning and started eating the aluminum and leaving a smooth satin shine. It was more productive, but it sure does wear out fast, like 15 seconds. I bet I got over 80 hours all together in labor. Thanks Charles for all the tips and encouragement, ...my fingers are bleeding!!

While I had the intake on the work bench I went ahead and match ported the runners before installing.

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